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EPC Solutions understands the significant benefits our construction management services can bring to your project. Our experienced leadership reduces costs, minimizes risk and shortens schedules while controlling quality at every step of the project.

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Construction Management

Our construction management services provide you with a single point of contact for all your development needs. From the beginning stages of design to the final inspection, our team provides a detailed approach that allows us to meet scheduled objectives on time and efficiently use resources while maintaining a high level of workmanship.

Project Management

We can manage projects from start to finish and help you reach the end of your project with a high-quality result. We work with clients across many different industries and can offer advice on everything from brief creation through planning, scoping and design right through to contract management, construction, construction management and project delivery.

Permits & City Submission

We offer help with all types of permits required in construction. We can guide you to acquire the most recent municipal requirements for various types of construction permits while doing all the documentation required, as well as communicating with contractors, architects and engineers to help you understand their requirements so you can make informed choices about the best way to proceed with your project.

Client Representation

We act on your behalf to ensure that the quality of service provided meets your high standards with a tailored solution for you and your project. We will act as your representative from planning to the completion of the project. The professional and expert advice we provide is based on our knowledge of the local market, extensive experience in the area and detailed knowledge of construction methods, codes, regulations and building practice.

Concept Drawings

We do concept drawings as a simple way of exploring initial ideas with you so that it is easy to understand. These concept drawings are used for pricing, scheduling and budgetary estimating. The concept drawings are done to scale and represent the finished product with accuracy. Baseline drawings are a way of getting everyone on the same page. Description and ideas will be written, sketches drawn and agreed upon until the final design is complete.

Design Build

We will be the owner's only point of contact. The design and construction teams work together to come up with a plan that fits your schedule and budget while completing the project quickly. We collaborate with the owners, designers and contractors to help complete projects faster. It minimizes planning time as well as scheduling conflicts between contractor and other designers.

Dispute Resolution

Our experience and expertise are geared toward assisting clients in avoiding disputes and resolving them quickly and effectively when they do arise. We provide services for complete construction projects, as well as individual services such as cost estimating, architecture, design, drafting and engineering. Our team members have been working together for many years and have a reputation for providing high-quality work at reasonable rates.

Advisory & Consultation

We are leading in the construction and project management field, our Project Advisory. We offer you total project management and consultancy services for your construction projects. Our Project Advisory, consulting and monitoring services include Monitoring progress & scheduling, Management of programs & portfolios, Cost recovery, Project Administration. Our Performance evaluation and assessments will ensure that delays are kept to a minimum and costs are within budget.


Our aim is to provide the best possible service to you. We are committed to providing quality construction services with unmatched technical expertise and product knowledge. We remove all your worries pertaining to documentation and permits, so that you can relax. We can help you get all the required permits to construct your project. We'll guide you through the process of obtaining the right types of permits, and do all the documentation needed to see it done.

At EPC Solutions we provide turnkey management, design and construction services tailored to your projects size and complexity. We apply a hands-on approach to managing and delivering all aspects of your construction projects, from inception to completion. By deploying our technical expertise and customized tools to meet the requests of each client, we provide a professional end-to-end solution that our clients have come to depend on. 

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