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"Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is constructing a magnificent project."

Company Profile

EPC Solutions inc, has been created from a vision by its founder a senior project management specialist with 20 years of experience in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry.

Our goal is to implement real-life experiences and practical knowledge, to develop highly effective project solutions for our clients globally.

Having developed project management experience and expertise in a broad range of sectors and environments. Ranging from product and project development, project delivery to system and infrastructure upgrades, project claim management to litigation proceedings. These skills have been developed and crafted in a wide range of world class engineering and construction industries globally.

Unlock the potential of your construction projects with EPC Solutions

We are your trusted partner from concept to completion, offering comprehensive construction management services tailored to your unique needs. With our expertise, we ensure successful project delivery while saving you time, money, and headaches.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can achieve excellence?

Our team of seasoned professionals, led by industry expert Yosef Domnitz, brings decades of experience and a proven track record of managing multi-million dollar projects. We specialize in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors, catering to real estate developers, project owners, and ambitious entrepreneurs in the construction industry.

At EPC Solutions, we turn your visions into reality. From meticulous planning and design to securing permits, overseeing construction, and achieving seamless occupancy, we handle every aspect of your project. Our innovative approach, cutting-edge technologies, and attention to detail ensure optimal design, reduced waste, improved communication, and enhanced productivity.

Are you ready to transform your construction endeavors? Contact us today, and let's pave the way to your construction success. Together, we'll build a solid foundation for your future growth.


EPC Solutions - Delivering Excellence in Construction Management

We have value added experience in construction

Our Mission

Working as your partner with transparency, integrity and honesty. We strive for excellence and aim to exceed expectations. We work hard to achieve our goals as we share a relationship of respect and trust working with you, your project and your vision

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of construction management services, delivering projects on-time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards, while fostering a culture of safety, integrity, and excellence in everything we do.

Our Experienced Team

The staff at EPC Solutions have 17 years’ experience managing some of the largest Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Projects globally. We provide the highest standards of project management tailored to your projects. We apply our experience to understand and identify your business requirements, delivering your projects safely, on-time, to cost without compromising on quality.

Professional Relationship 

Working closely with all the project stakeholders, EPC Solutions develops professional relationships that enhance cooperation and resolution of important issues concerning your projects during all delivery phases and on future endeavours. Introducing this behaviour into the early stages of project development allows us to create a team that bonds effortlessly and works in harmony, ensuring any conflicts that may arise during project delivery are negated at the onset.

Pride in our work

We take pride in the projects we manage, providing our clients with the assurance and peace of mind that their needs will be meet on all phases of the projects. Total support and unique problem-solving capabilities offered during design and construction phases, will meet your architectural and operational goals, avoiding costly design changes or delays during the delivery of your project. Unique problem-solving capabilities and innovative solutions geared to resolve conflicts and promote cooperation between trades will aid in expediting your critical path to progress and substantial completion.

Founder of EPC Solutions 

Yosef Domnitz is the founder of EPC Solutions Inc. He is an accredited Senior Project Manager and a Chartered Engineer with a proven strong track record in managing and delivering complex Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects globally.

Yosef’s passion is to provide and manage cost-effective, impressive and innovative engineering solutions for projects of all sizes or scope.

His career has included managing innovative and pioneering projects for world-class company across the world. Working in the Rail, Energy, Renewables and Industrial sectors, for companies including, Siemens, ABB, National Grid and Network Rail.

We will save you Time, Money & Peace of Mind


    Who are we?

    We are accredited Construction Project Managers who have a solid background in Engineering with decades of industry experience. We have a proven track record for managing and delivering successful complex Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects globally.

    We are proud to have worked on the world’s largest and challenging infrastructure and technological projects, with expertise spanning the industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI), renewables energy, utilities and transportation sectors. We provided services in project management, business development, planning, cost control, estimating, contracts administration, claims analysis and negotiations, engineering design, commissioning and operation and maintenance.

    How can we help you?

    EPC Solutions provides construction management solutions for your Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) construction projects. We provide solutions on all aspects of your entire project’s lifecycle.

    Whether you are a developer, project owner or contractor, we offer comprehensive planning, engineering design, procurement, construction, inspection, and commissioning services for a multitude of construction projects across Ontario, and beyond.

    In addition to working with you to determine the best possible design and sequences of construction operations, we’ll create detailed schedules, budgets, efficient construction plans to ensure your project is delivered safety and to specification, we effectively manage risk. We are master problem solvers at all stages of the project lifecycle, which ensures we not only meet but also exceed expectations.

    Why Construction Management is effective for any size of project?

    EPC Solutions works at translating an owner of a project’s vision into a tangible reality without fragments of that vision getting lost along the way. We’ll facilitate communication between all a project’s stakeholders while ensuring all information and documentation are easily accessible.

    We’ll create a strategic plan that maps out all of a projects’ phases; so each team knows their responsibilities in working towards a defined outcome. EPC Solutions also identifies issues before they cause costly delays down the line meaning minimal risk and cost.

    EPC Solutions provides you with a full-field view of each progressive stage of a project as it happens while making sure everything runs on time and according to budget.

    What is EPC Solutions process?

    We simplify the process for you, we help break up all the steps involved and clarifying all the terms in the contract. We then work together with the design and engineering teams to define the initial concept.

    A critical part of the process at the outset is foreseeing any issues that may result in costly delays. We select cost effective processes mitigating risks that a project could overrun its budget. Finally, we obtain all the required permits and approvals.

    EPC solutions help track a projects progress from beginning to end. This helps our clients know exactly what stage a project is at and the steps needed to reach its completion. We provide management support throughout the initiation, design, construction, acceptance, and occupancy phases.

    What can EPC Solutions do for you?

    Our skilled and certified Project Managers have extensive experience in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) sector. Knowing how best to coordinate activities within highly visibility projects, where tasks have varying levels of complexities and stakeholders.

    Also, experts in implementing strict project controls which enables us to achieve the anticipated project goals, cost savings and other long-term benefits that are critical to a project’s success. Helping your team improve and refine its problem-solving strategies, leading to repeated project success, even on the most challenging projects.

    With a clear focus on meeting our client expectations, our commitment and goal is to support the delivery of our awarded projects to completion, on time and on budget, implementing the right tools and the right people to succeed. Built on extensive world class experience, our experienced project managers perform individual assessment of each project and provide comprehensive project delivery solutions, including day-to-day involvement and direction utilising proven technical skills and knowledge, to facilitate a consistent and productive relationship between our clients and project teams on all levels.

    20 Years

    Business Experience


    Projects Delivered


    Projects Completed

    Quality & Dedication 

    As a leader in construction management, we are dedicated to providing the best service in our field. We have built a reputation for outstanding quality and exclusive services. We are creative, dedicated and driven by teamwork. Our core values, expertise and experience has allowed us to provide excellence in every project we have undertaken.

    Checkout our most popular services preferred by our clients

    Construction Management

    We provide high-quality construction management services. We take a detailed approach, which allows us to meet scheduled objectives on time and efficiently use resources while maintaining a high level of workmanship.

    Project Management

    We can manage projects from start to finish and will serve as a catalyst for excellent project delivery. There are several ways to manage projects under various types of contracts, and we can recommend and advise on everything.

    Permits & City Submission

    We offer help with all types of permits required in construction. We can guide you to acquire the most recent municipal requirements for various types of construction permits while doing all the documentations required.

    At EPC Solutions we provide turnkey management, design and construction services tailored to your projects size and complexity. We apply a hands-on approach to managing and delivering all aspects of your construction projects, from inception to completion. By deploying our technical expertise and customized tools to meet the requests of each client, we provide a professional end-to-end solution that our clients have come to depend on. 

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