What can EPC Solutions do for you?

Our skilled and certified Project Managers have extensive experience in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) sector. Knowing how best to coordinate activities within highly visibility projects, where tasks have varying levels of complexities and stakeholders. Also, experts in implementing strict project controls which enables us to achieve the anticipated project goals, cost savings and other long-term benefits that are critical to a project’s success. Helping your team improve and refine its problem-solving strategies, leading to repeated project success, even on the most challenging projects.

With a clear focus on meeting our client expectations, our commitment and goal is to support the delivery of our awarded projects to completion, on time and on budget, implementing the right tools and the right people to succeed. Built on extensive world class experience, our experienced project managers perform individual assessment of each project and provide comprehensive project delivery solutions, including day-to-day involvement and direction utilising proven technical skills and knowledge, to facilitate a consistent and productive relationship between our clients and project teams on all levels.

Our Management Services

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Project Management

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PMO Development


Dispute Resolution

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Our experienced and certified Project Management consultants are ready to help you succeed on any engineering or construction projects you are undertaking. When your expectations are to have your project managed and delivered by experience and extraordinary talent and process, contact us.

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